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Gin Ginetical Wooded Ghost in The Bottle

Gin Ginetical Wooded Ghost in The Bottle

53,00 €Prix

​​​​​​​​​​GHOST IN  A  BOTTLE  GINETICAL  Wooded Edition is a barrel aged gin. We used the same botanicals as in The Royal Edition, so sweet gale (myrica gale) plays the main role in the wooded edition as well. The alcohol percentage was pulled up to 43% vol.


The color is warm amber. In the nose you'll discover lots of oaky flavours, then a heat starts to build before this is soothed away with rich caramel. It's really dry and lets the spices start to build with cloves and aniseed coming to the fore before the pepperiness takes over. With every sip going down there is more of the woody whiskey-like aftertaste and just adds to the rich complex layers that come and between each one is a mild faded juniper.

You can drink this complex gin neat, but also try it with a neutral dry tonic. The spices and the oaky touch will bubble underneath whilst the rich dryness is still there. PRICE WINNER: World's Best Matured Gin 2018 at the world spirits awards.

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